27 August 2017
Nehemiah 8:1-12
There are always two signs of genuine spiritual renewal.

1.    There’s always a strong emphasis on the proclamation and exposition of the Bible.

2.    There’s always the mobilization of God’s people.

 Revival, at its core, doesn’t relate to the lost. You can’t revive the lost. You revive the saved. The lost have to be saved. We’re talking about the ministry of God’s Word to the saved as He allows His Word to be proclaimed, and in the spirit and excitement of that proclamation, He mobilises His people to go and win the lost.

Responding to God’s Word

Our passage records the response of a people who rediscovered the Word of God with such amazement, then misunderstood It, responded backward to it and received help from Nehemiah and Ezra toward a balanced, God-intended response.

It’s not just about reading it, studying it, memorizing it, but the application of the Word – fill and fulfilling our soul continually.

Mobilisation of God’s people

This kind of guilt is wholly appropriate. But the people needed to move on from feeling remorse to knowing the joy of God’s grace and forgiveness. So Ezra, Nehemiah, and the Levites moved their people from mourning to celebration.

1.    No life is complete without the spiritual dimension (v 1-2)

2.    No spiritual dimension is complete without Biblical input (v 3-8)

3.    No scriptural input is complete without personal obedience (v 9-12)

4.    No personal obedience is complete without great rejoicing (v 9-12)

 Questions Asked (Our Application)

·         Do you have a specific place and time set aside to spend with God to digest His Word? If so, where and when? If not, what is the greatest obstacle that prevents you from spending more time with Him?

·         What is your attitude to receiving His Word? Do I interact with gratitude and reverence? How am I allowing the Word of God to fil and fulfill my soul continually? How is it working in me?  

·         How can I share the good news more to those around me?