03 September 2017
Matthew 3:13-17
A Father's Day encouragement about God's unconditional Love

Our text records the water baptism of Jesus Christ by John the Baptist, when the Lord insisted it should be “done to fulfill all righteousness.” When the Father declared His approval, it was not mere formality.

Key Points
1. Absence of a Father’s Approval
Without that father’s approval, we go through life struggling to gain acceptance of someone we don’t know who for sure it is.

2. Twelve Kinds of fathers
- Absent father
- Silent father
- Abusive father
- Violent father
- Immoral father
- Incestuous father
- Non-expressive father
- Prejudiced father
- Indulgent father
- Rejecting father
- Perfectionist father
- Disapproving father

3. There has to be a Remedy
- We try and compensate by our own energy
- We adopt the world system for correcting what’s wrong

4. Eternal Righteousness
a. It comes from God “I declare you are right.”
b. Then He says “You are My child, I am pleased with you.”

On the basis of that: (Our Application)
- I don’t have to struggle to verify myself
- I am free to love everybody else the same way I’ve been loved
- It affects my whole life knowing I’ve been approved by the Father.