29 October 2017
Revelation 3:1-6


This letter by Lord Jesus calls the church in Sardis to listen to the Holy Spirit while living in the dynamic tension of two truths: God calls us to righteousness and purity, while His love, grace, and strength will lead and guide us, and cover our imperfections. The Lord declared some really hard things, like “You say you’re alive, but you are dead.”

Key Points  

  1. Jesus is all in all

He is the fullness of God, the fullness of the Spirit’s operation.

  1. The Spirit’s fullness through Jesus
  2. The Holy Spirit’s interest is only to glorify Jesus
  3. The “seven Spirits” refers to the operations of the Holy Spirit
  4. The “seven stars” refers to the messengers
  1. A Name is significant
  1. Name speaks of identity
  2. What avenues of authority are in your life?
  3. It is time to strengthen what remains
  4. Works not perfect before God

Conclusion / Our Application

There’s a call from the Lord, for our church, to righteousness and purity, and it requires a personal response from each one of us. Though we are strengthened in a collective way by way of expressive love, our relationship with Jesus is personal, one-on-one. Proverbs 11:21 and 16:5-6 give clear understanding of this concept: that we need to each one seek holiness, and then join forces as a family to allow for God’s righteousness to happen wherever we may be. Then, our identity will be affirmed – we are a life centre!