FINISHING WELL - Ps. Monina Castro

05 November 2017
2 Timothy 4:16-22


Paul was staring death in the face. No bright lights surrounded him in his dungeon cell. No one cheered him on. He wrote alone, but his words left behind lasting impact. His last words in 2 Timothy rang out in praise of God, resonating his life’s theme: “May the Lord be with your spirit. And may his grace be with all of you”

Here’s Paul, and in his final words we can draw out six grace-related themes which teach us how to live now.

1.    Paul asked the Lord not to hold others’ offences against them (4:16)

2.    Paul showed an attitude of gratitude (4:17)

3.    Paul kept a confident expectation (4:18)

4.    Paul claimed a secure home in heaven (4:18)

5.    Paul found joy in the blessings others receive (4:19-21)

6.    Paul released others from his expectations (4:22)

Today is the day you decide how you’ll set yourself up for how you will die. And for the rest of the days you will practise it.

 Questions Asked (Our Application)

1.    Have others let you down? Betrayed you? Write down what happened. Reflect on Paul’s response of grace, and ask the Lord for the strength to act likewise toward those who have offended you.

2.    What truths about Jesus can you focus on to set you free from fear and bitterness?

3.    Has hardship and circumstance affected your confidence and hope? How can Paul’s attitude help you in your situation?

4.    How can the hope of the Gospel encourage you today?

5.    Our capacity to delight in the blessings of others while we’re struggling is a true test of our ability to show grace. In what situation in your life does Paul’s example of grace toward others give you a model to follow?

6.    How can you show grace to others by releasing them from your expectations?