12 November 2017
Revelation 3:7-13


This is the sixth of the seven letters Lord Jesus wrote to the churches in Asia Minor as recorded in the Book of Revelation. There were no criticisms leveled at the church in Philadelphia, since they had been faithful and walked in obedience. Though He offered them an open door.

Key Points

1.         Jesus reveals Himself as holy

  1. His desire to make them whole

They were a church “on the way” to becoming what was intended of them

  1. His desire to make them complete

They were a church being brought completely unto His purpose

2.         Jesus reveals Himself as true

He is absolutely genuine in every respect of His being

3.         Jesus reveals an open door

He opens doors of opportunity for development and growth and fruitfulness, to realize new horizons and expectations and fruit-bearing

  1. The “key of David” (2Sam 7:16; Isaiah 9:6-7; 22:20-22)

-       Jesus takes the government of the nations on His shoulders, and calls His church to reach the nations.

  1. He makes precious promises to the missional church (3:9-10)

-       “No one can stop His church invading the rule of darkness”

-       Those who criticize  will acknowledge presence of God (Proverbs 16:7)

Conclusion / Our Application

-       Jesus says, “I have the key, the door is open for you – now go on through it.”

-       He gives us the authority over the forces of darkness that rule in the affairs of men

-       He calls His church to partner with Him in walking through the open door