19 November 2017
Revelation 3:14-22

This was the last of the seven letters dictated by Lord Jesus to John, written to the churches in Asia Minor. He professes His love by the way they are being corrected (Hebrews 12:6-7). The church is criticized for their apparent arrogance and the spirit of independence (from Jesus). His purpose is for the church to continue becoming what it’s destined to be.

Key Lessons

  1. “You make me sick” (3:16)
  1. His body has become lukewarm

-       They’ve lost their passion

-       They are called to handle possessions properly

-       Their blessedness was not supposed to be based of wealth, but on relationship with Him, whatever the circumstances

  1. Certain attitudes

-       Humility = purity of mind and eyes

  1. “I counsel you” (3:18)
  1. Buy gold from Jesus refined in fire

-       Character (1Peter 1:7)

  1. White garments

-       Heart of purity (Micah 6:8)

  1. Anoint eyes with salve

-       Ministry of the Holy Spirit for godly works

Our Application

The Lord says:

-       Be zealous (warm up)

-       Repent (wise up)

-       Open the door (open up)

His promise is that He will come and fellowship with us.

He will become the landlord, and takes over every room