26 November 2017
Revelation 4:8-11


We take a posture of praise and worship in thanks-giving to the Lord as He ushers us into a season of joy and happiness, marking the end of the year in the midst of a wonder-filled and festive Christmas celebration. We are urged to learn to sustain the spirit of praise, because it enhances, enriches and protects our lives.

Key Lessons

1. Expanding recognition of God’s glory

Revelation 4 says that the four creatures around the throne of God do not stop day and night to praise Him (Ezekiel 1:10-11).

  1. Intelligent creatures

Their worship is not mindless or automatic; they are not religious robots.

  1. Something incredible

It’s likely they are witnessing different unique aspects of God’s glory every single time they look to God, after bowing in praise.

2. How may we sustain the “breath of thanks-giving”?
  1. The flame of praise (OT worship)

From Leviticus 6:8-13, the Lord instructed the priests to keep the fire of the altar burning all day and night long, while they changed clothes to take the ashes outside of the temple.

  1. Songs of praise

Many psalms exhort believers to praise the Lord, all the day and night (Psalm 113:3; 149:5; 42:8).

  1. The spirit of praise

This is exercised in the life of the New Testament church, as written by Paul, that due to our blessings, we should be to the praise of His glory (Ephesians 1:6; 1:12; 1:14).

Our Application

-       Ask the Lord to teach us the “breath of thanks-giving”.

-       As we learn to praise, we will observe changes to our character, to our circumstances, and to our outlook.