Promises For A Lifetime with Ps. Marion Tan

04 December 2017
Psalm 91:1, 14-16

Promises for a Lifetime

Introduction: It is often mentioned that there are about 8000 promises in the Bible. Some of them are conditional and some not. God’s promises remain for a lifetime. Believe and claim them for your life and day to day existence. Stay in the Shadow of the Almighty. Some specific promises you are praying for - If they have not happened yet, they will surely do, for God’s timing is perfect and he never breaks covenant.

A.       Promise

1.       What is a promise?

A promise is a vow, a pledge, a guarantee, and a covenant

2.       BUT one thing is for sure, OUR GOD NEVER FORGETS HIS PROMISES.

How good is the promise if we could not trust the giver to keep it?

3.       Waiting is normally involved for some of God’s promises to happen

B.          B.  Psalm 91 is the safety of abiding in the presence of God. About God’s covering for us. It is filled with the goodness and power of God. It’s about the whole of the Christian life and how the Lord’s promises apply to the whole course of your life.

-          Dwell - “to take up permanent residence in.” He reminds us to stay in His presence, for it’s a permanent place of living

-                             -         Shadow - a place of protection or covering, they provide relief from the direct heat of the sun. In whatever troubles we face today, God is the place of refuge we can run to, He is our safe place.

        7 Reasons Why we do not have to fear  

1.       I will deliver him

2.       I will set him on a high place

3.       I will answer him

4.       I will be with him in trouble

5.       I will deliver him and honor him

6.       With long life will I satisfy him

7.       And show him my salvation

Life Application

Discuss and give practical examples of how you can dwell in the secret place of the most high; How can you abide in His shadow.