01 January 2018
John 13:1-5; 34-35


The Lord wants to bring us to a new time and environment, which include breakthroughs, when He breaks the status quo. Jesus never calls His church to evil for evil, but to love, so people will come to Him when they see Him in us.

Key Lessons

I.              In a specific setting (John 13:1)

-       It was the evening before the crucifixion

-       He demonstrated a way of living, and

-       Issued a “new” commandment = love one another

II.            Jesus laid aside His garments

-       Including attitudes of authority

-       He exposed Himself as a man = a servant

III.           He took the clothes of a servant

-       He took a position beneath the disciples

-       To be able to hear and answer their needs

IV.          Interaction with Peter

-       Peter first refused his feet to be washed by Jesus

-       Jesus says, “If I don’t do this, you have no part in Me.”

V.            Washing of feet

-       Feet have a way of showing where a person has been

-       Jesus wanted to see and touch the damage caused from their journey

VI.          Even Judas Iscariot

-       Jesus knew Judas would betray Him, still washed his feet

-       “Love one another.” How? = foot washing

VII.         To the end

-       It’s the Greek word “tallaus”, meaning “end”

-       It’s a word that includes purpose, goal, objective

Life Application

-       As we enter our 30th year as the living church of Lord Jesus Christ

-       We come into a season of refreshing, renewal and revival

-       To move into this wonderful season, we are called to love one another, as He has loved us