07 January 2018
1Corinthians 13:1-3


1Corinthians 13 is a teaching bridge between the truth of chapters 12 and 14. The idea (concept) of ministry is dealt with in chapter 12 while chapter 14 deals with ministry in action.

Key Lessons

1.      Love and Charity

Synonymous in the KJ Bibles, although not commonly used in literature.

2.      Three Greek Words for Love

-          Philos = brotherly love

-          Eros = sensual, physical, sexual love

-          Agape = spiritual love, very seldom used

3.      Karismatu / Character

-          Karismatu is Greek word for gifts of the Spirit

Every believer has been given spiritual gifts, and the Lord expects the right character in us to accompany the application of His gifts.

4.      Five Spiritual Things (mentioned in 1Corinthians 13:1-3)

a.      Prayer (v1)

b.      Prophecy and Knowledge (v2a)

c.       Faith (v2b)

d.      Giving (v3a)

e.      Unto Death (v3b)

The five spiritual things above, when exercised even in human perfection, when unaccompanied by the love of God, will amount to nothing.

Our Life Application

-          The life & love of Jesus through ministry doesn’t happen because of charismatic gifts, without the care and compassion of God’s love.

-          The great challenge (for refreshing, renewal, revival) of our lives is to balance everything with the love of God.

-          All the gifts are good and important, but without love, they do not amount to anything that lasts.