04 February 2018
Jonah 1:1-17

Jonah is a story of one man who God ‘crushed’ for His purposes to bring about a great revival. It is a perfect example of the futility of attempting to thwart God’s will for the city of Nineveh.

Many of us think that the main theme of Jonah is about a prophet who tried to escape his calling, or about a fish who swallowed a man. We would be wrong to think that. The story of Jonah is about God, who bent the will of a stubborn prophet, to fulfil His own will. And He used a band of heathen sailors and the elements of nature to get Jonah’s attention!

The good news is that we can’t outrun God. His love for us and His design for our lives cannot be thwarted. God always wins! And God’s compassion for us outruns our own stubbornness every single time.

Understand the context

It is easy for us to judge Jonah for his unwillingness to go to the gentiles in Nineveh, but we can be likened the people of that city to the Nazis. Jonah is a picture of us and our own unsubmitted wills, and this year will include both God’s blessings and God’s crushings.

Four lessons to takeaway

1. No will can be more stubborn than God’s will.
2. Our resistance to God’s will is futile. 
3. There’s no greater relief than being in the centre of God’s will. 
4. No time is a better time than now to say yes to God’s call. 

Questions Asked (Our Application)

·         Have you ever tried to run away from God? How and in what instance?

·         Should we accept only good things from the hand of God and never anything bad? In what areas are you only wanting $3 worth of God?

·         Recall a time when you’ve been in the centre of God’s will.