Words from the Pastor

Jul 25, 2017

As a church family, we enjoy most the important aspect of relating with one another in fellowship. It comes naturally for us because of our personality make-up and warm disposition. Generally, we are friendly, hospitable and generous. And we can’t resist preparing and serving food and snacks to go with our times of conversation. However, fellowship as a major part of our church mission extends beyond the pleasantries of home entertainment, or food consumption. We are meant to strengthen one another in love. Indeed, the operative word in the center of fellowship is sharing. And the canopy over fellowship is unity.

We grow by the nurturing application of God’s Word, as we learn His will and follow after His ways. That growing is basically vertical in nature, aligning us to God’s holiness, thus fulfilling His injunction “be ye holy as I am holy.”

Then as we stretch forth to touch our brothers and sisters, the ministry of God’s holiness by way of His loving kindness brings comfort, encouragement, and strengthening to one another. In the bond of unity, we share our resources, we give gifts of grace and mercy, and we help those who are in need. We are urged to treat each other fairly, and to consider others above ourselves, and so fulfilling the Apostle Paul’s words to the Roman believers (12:9-21).

Loving fellowship is so important in our walk with Lord Jesus. We are reminded if we cannot love those that we see, how can we love God whom we do not see? Put in another way, if we cannot love believers in the faith, how can we love those who aren’t of the faith? Remember the call upon us – to reach the lost, heal the hurting, and satisfy the needy.

Lovingly yours,

Pastor Rudy

Jul 21, 2017

I believe our church family have been called to actively reach out to the lost, the needy, and the hurting in the love of Lord Jesus and the power of His Spirit. It’s a mission we understand and seriously embrace in the midst of our worship and service to the Lord. The main challenge is balancing the tension between personal pursuits of aspirations and goals and personal responses to our commitment to advancing God’s kingdom.

There’s absolutely nothing amiss with home-building, career-mindedness, or pleasure-seeking ventures, because they are central to God’s desires for all of His children. His delight is to lead us to life overflowing with joy and fulfillment. But in the midst of all that enjoyment, we must not lose sight of the purpose of the great sacrifice of Lord Jesus Christ – that none should perish, but all come to repentance.

It is incumbent upon each one of His elect to do our best to bring a balance to how we enjoy the wondrous benefits of our salvation, and the exercise of our kingdom duties. And when we put them side by side, it’s amazing to discover that our benefits overlap onto our duties! It’s a matter of opening our mouths, and talking about the benefits and giving thanks to God that we are able to shine as lights to a dying world, and serve as salt to provide flavor to a bland society!

Isn’t that easy enough? Let’s just talk up Jesus to our relatives, our friends, our neighbors, our schoolmates, our office mates. Let’s just bless people whenever we can. Let’s just go around and pray for people who are sick, and help others who are in need. Let’s just be the mouths of Jesus, His feet, His hands – and bring down God’s Kingdom whenever and wherever we can!

Faithfully yours,

Pastor Rudy

Jul 12, 2017

The Apostle Paul gives us so much insight into the realm of God’s kingdom rule, when he wrote to the believers in Ephesus about being in Christ and about the reality of heavenly places. The assurance that every believer is in Christ brings great comfort to those of us who often feel and suffer the oppression inflicted by circumstances of our day-to-day living. We have to forever remember what our Lord Jesus said that though we’re in this world, we don’t really belong to this world, and that, as long as we’re in the world, we’ll experience tribulation, but we should be of good cheer, because He has overcome the world!

That’s our address – we are in Christ! Then St Paul stresses that we’re seated with Christ our Lord, who has put all our enemies under His feet in the heavenly places. We must get a clear picture of this scene, where the least of us, the weakest of us, is seated with the Anointed Christ, and all our enemies are under His feet, and under ours too!

The key to living in majestic reality of the imagery of our victory is the appropriate understanding and response to the concept of heavenly places. As St Paul clearly wrote, the invisible or spiritual comes first. It’s more real than the physical. And the spiritual has to be actuated into the physical. Everything that’s been provided for you and me is already available and ours in the heavenly places, and all we have to do is appropriate it into our physical reality.

Dear ones, we have to dedicate ourselves to more passionate prayer, and intercession. We have to take time in storming the dark and shadowy places, and bring the light of Jesus’ love to the hurting and needy world. We have to rise of the urgent call to arms, to taking our positions in the army of God, because we are at war, and we have to advance and hold our ground.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Rudy