Words from the Pastor

Jan 10, 2018

We are seriously facing a most vital juncture of our ongoing faith journey with Lord Jesus Christ, as this year ushers in the thirtieth anniversary of our service in advancing the good news of God’s saving grace. If the imminent advent of the Second Coming is deferred, our church family will proceed to celebrate this auspicious eventuality unto the praise and glory of our Commander-in-Chief.

The revealed desire of God is to bring us into refreshing, renewal, toward revival. And their eventual arrival is never automatic. We’ve received word that their foundation is fixed on the solid blocks of God’s agape love, attending the spiritual gifts we’ve been endowed. Our prior ventureinto His Word has clearly disclosed the worthlessness of supernatural tongues, prophecy and knowledge, great mountain-moving faith, absolute selflessness, and giving of one’s body to martyrdom, if they are not accompanied by God’s unconditional love. The word declared in 1Corinthians 13:1-3 that they’d amount to nothing.

The stage is therefore set for an extremely challenging transition. How do we embrace the help of God’s Spirit, to develop an active love of God to attend the exercise of His divine enablement? This leads us to explore scriptures divinely written by the Apostle Paul, to study and understand the revealed traits of God’s love.

When Paul clearly stated that love is long-suffering, he specified our need to learn to hold on and never give up on people, despite weariness and frustration. And when he wrote love endures all things, the emphasis turns to circumstances – encouraging believers not to give up on loving even when trials and problems would seem to overwhelm us. These two book-ends can begin to build us as a bridge of God’s love, which would allow others to cross from where they are, to where the Lord would want them to be. In order for us to enter into refreshing, renewal and revival, we must be willing to be built as bridges by God’s Spirit, to demonstrate His agape love to others.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Rudy

Jan 04, 2018

In our quest for the presence of the Lord to refresh us, renew us and as a church enter into revival as He has planned for our immediate season, marking thirty years of faithful service unto Him, we clearly hear the call to live in the spirit of His love. It’s a tough challenge for any family to come to terms with the definition and illustration of His kind of agape love to characterize not only our way of life, but also extending to  our functioning as His arms, His feet, His voice, His heart, and in every way His body in advancing the gospel of His salvation to the world around us.

Our present challenge centers on understanding how His gifts are exercised in the spirit of His love. This takes us to His word as enunciated by the Apostle Paul in his first letter to the Corinthian believers. Chapter 12 focuses on God’s gifts and abilities for us to carry out ministry, partially expanded in chapter 14. But then, chapter 13 provides the qualifications and requirements for the ministry to achieve their maximum potential.

It would be clear from our study today, that however prepared we might be, however committed we can be, and however gifted in God we may be enabled, the pathway to renewal leading to revival still rests on our willingness to wholeheartedly embrace the main agenda of the Lord in touching the world for His cause. God is love, and that’s His heart-cry for His created humanity. We are enjoined to love one another, as He has loved us. And it’s the kind of love without boundaries, beyond human reason, and not dictated by any personal causes.

It’s a high call, and an extremely challenging proposition. His breakthrough will shatter the status quo, to bring us to the next plateau where He wants us to serve His will. The Lord Jesus will soon return, and He wants to redeem His church rising with Him in glorious radiance as the Morning Star. It’s our destiny.

Let’s take His hand and take the next step.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Rudy

Dec 28, 2017

We have come to an emotional time of saying goodbye to this year of God’s promise, which many of us have come to witness the faithfulness of His word spoken to us and our dear ones. It is difficult in many ways for many of us to leave behind streams of fond memories depicting the goodness of God in our lives. However, a new dawn and a new season is emerging right before our eyes, and we see the hand of Lord Jesus extended to us, calling us to go with Him. Let us take His hand and step into the New Year with confidence that He will lead us into heightened expectations  of more pleasant things ahead of us. We may not know with certainty what we are stepping into, but He has been there and has prepared a joyous reception awaiting us.

Whatever challenges we may encounter in 2018, let faith guide us, being sure that the Lord will never leave us nor forsake us. I sincerely believe that He has prepared a bright future for all of us, in strength, in health, and in His favour. The New Year will be a year of renewal, refreshing, and revival. It will be more exciting and more involving than ever before. It will mark 30 years of His faithful leadership of our church family. The year will be marked with His manifest presence and immediate involvement. It is going to be a great and memorable year!

Let us join hands, look to Jesus and step into a year of revival. Have a fruitful and prosperous 2018! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Lovingly yours,

Pastor Rudy